Where to See Hippos on your Uganda Safari

Hippopotami are the world’s third largest mammals living on land coming after elephants and rhinoceros. The weigh between 1,500kg and 1,800kg and an adult can stand to a height of 1.5 meters at shoulder. The closest living relative to the hippos is the whale as well as dolphins. Unique about these large animals is that they spend a lot of time through their day submerged in the muddy water so as to keep cool considering that these animals don’t have sweat glands.
Despite the fact that their feet are webbed, their massive weight does not enable them to float on water and also they can’t swim at all. However, don’t be deceived by their massive weight, hippos are very fast runners and can outrun a person. On land, they are believed to splint at speeds of 30km to 40km each hour on land.
Adult hippos can spend about six (6) minutes under water thanks to their raised nostrils, eyes and ears which enable them to stay nearly completely submerged for such a long time. At sun down, these animals step out of the water and spend the entire night grazing, covering a distance of about 8 kilometers and eating as much as 68kg of grass every night.
Where to See Hippos on Your Visit in Uganda 1. Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park The Kazinga Channel is a 40km long natural water channel that connects Lakes George and Edward. It has the highest number of hippos on the African continent. During your boat ride on the Kazinga Channel you will see several hundreds of hippopotami in the shallow water as well as on shore of the Kazinga channel.
There are a couple of other places in this park you can see in this park including in the Ishasha area as well as on the shores of River Ntungwe. 2. River Nile in Murchison Falls Park Enjoy a boat ride on River Nile during your visit to Murchison Falls National Park to the bottom of the powerful waterfalls. As you ride down the river you will see several hippos along the shore and in the shallows and enjoy up-close views perfect for photography.
This park has the second highest number of hippos in the country coming second to the Kazinga Channel. 3. Lake Mburo National Park This is the third best place to see hippos and a boat ride on this lake offers you a great chance to see several hippos which live in the shallows of this lake. This boat ride will offer you an opportunity to explore the eastern shore of his lake during which you will encounter several hippos as well. 4. Semliki Park National Park

When you explore River Semiliki, you will be able to encounter a number of hippos. This River is shared by both Uganda and the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.
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