Uganda to Celebrate World Tourism Day 2016 this September

world-tourism-dayCome 27th September, Uganda will be celebrating the World Tourism Day. This year’s celebrations are aimed at increasing individual awareness of the great role of the tourism industry across the entire international community as well as how it has affected the economic, cultural as well as social situations across the globe.

We as AA Safaris & Tours Ltd are supporters of sustainable travel of the Tourism industry in Uganda, and have at all times been very mindful to the substantial potential of our tourism sector for the benefit if the local people. Because this sector is among the largest financial contributors in most countries across the globe, it can as well assist transform the economies of several poor countries. Nevertheless, in developing countries, emerging reports indicate that for each $100 dollars that every tourist spends, $5 stays are retained by the economy of the host country where the tourist activities are being enjoyed.

Ever since the beginning of AA Safaris & Tours Ltd, we have been in engaged in primarily these types of travel which as much as possible profit the natives. We as a company have always advocated eating in the local restaurants as well as making our reservations with accommodation facilities that are locally owned. We also believe that improve tourism will certainly make the entire world a much better place through interacting with neighbors living on the other side of the planet, learning about their ways of life and survival, and promoting inter-cultural interaction. This kind of tourism also offers an opportunity to learn, respect as well as recognize other foreign cultures in manners that assist preserve and uphold the native identity. With the achievement of sustainable tourism, we shall be in position to offer back to several communities as well as the entire alliance will be for all.

As part of the Uganda Safari Packages we offer our clients are a number of community trips specially enjoyed during our Uganda Cultural Safaris.  We also organize exciting cultural tours in Rwanda which include day trips or overnight tours. Among the most outstanding communities in which we conduct our trips include: the Karimojong people living in the remote Morungole Mountains of Kidepo National Park, the Batwa pygmies living in Mgahinga and Bwindi National Park, the Bigodi Community living close to Kibale National Park, the Banyankole people living at the edge of Lake Mburo National Park, the Boomu Women community living within Murchison Falls National Park, the Bambuti living in Ntandi within Semuliki park, the Ruboni Community inhabiting the foothills of Mt. Rwenzori (mountains of the moon) as well as a number of Island communities living on Lake Bunyonyi.

The republic of Uganda will be joining the rest of the globe to celebrate the international tourism day. There will be various celebrations to mark this day here in Uganda and these will include tourism exhibitions, cultural performances as well as colorful vibrant matching. This day has turned into a tourism flag-event for Uganda since it is currently being used to market Uganda Safari Packages on the international scene. The theme for the 2016 World Tourism Day is ‘Tourism for all’ in accordance with the aim of increasing awareness of the benefits of tourism among the local people.

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