Taking the Buhoma Village Walk, Uganda-Cultural-Safari

buhoma-village-walkBuhoma-village-walk Uganda-cultural-safari in Bwindi-National-Park home of the Mountain-gorillas

The Buhoma Village Walk is a 3 hours amazing walk that will offer you an opportunity to see the local people leaving around the park boundaries of Bwindi Impenetrable national park home of the mountain Gorillas. During this amazing tour you will be able to learn about the fascinating culture of these people.

You will learn about their herbal medicines and what they treat their traditional cooking methods, locally crafted art pieces, learn their traditional dances and music as well as see their traditional method of brewing beer.

The Trail, Buhoma-Village-Walk

This exciting and very informative walk begins at the Buhoma Community Rest Camp, and there you will set off led by a guide. One of the things that will actually fascinate you will be the hospitality and helpfulness of the locals that you will meet during this walk, and how eager they are to actually teach you about their culture and norms.

The first stop we shall make will be at the community crafts Centre to see the women who make handicrafts such as baskets; there you can actually buy one of the beautiful items as a souvenir to carry back to your home country.

Then we shall visit a farmland and right in its center is a waterfall. You will be able to see a number of women working hard in the fields tending to the crops. Here the commonest agricultural tool used is the traditional hoe. They do not have any advanced technology or equipment being used on their farms.

The people in this part of the country cultivate lot of tea, so during the season – you will see a number of people picking tea. They skillfully pick the newest leaves, so don’t hesitate to carry some tea back home.

Then again we shall have a stopover on the banks of River Muyaga and there you will see a number of women washing clothes. Here they don’t use washing machines but rather do it the traditional way using their hands. On the nearby rocks you will also see various colored butteries resting.

The walk will then lead us to a Banana plantation where you will watch the locals traditionally brew the ripe bananas and distill them into a local gin referred to as Waragi. Generally, Uganda is a ‘banana republic’ because the people cultivate so many bananas and have more than 50 different types of banana species. In this place you will have a chance to taste the banana local beer if you want to.

We shall continue to the local traditional Healer, who actually is not a witch-dbuhoma-village-walksoctor but rather someone who is very knowledgeable about using the resources in the forest around them to treat different health conditions. This healer is very knowledgeable and you will be impressed by the vast information they will have to share.

Last before least, we shall visit the community Primary School where we shall have an opportunity to interact with the students along with the teachers. These people study under conditions with no computers, and no electricity lighting, however these children are very happy to have an opportunity to be going to school and receive an education.

As well come to the end of this walk, we shall visit the community of the Batwa Pygmies who initially lived inside this Gorilla forest, however they vacated their territory after the forest was declared a national park – the Bwindi Forest National Park home of the endangered mountain gorillas.

At the end of this we shall return to our accommodation and rest.  This will be unforgettable experience that you will live to narrate too those back home. Don’t forget to bring along your camera so that you can capture these great memories.

For more information about the people of  Uganda and their culture, visit ugandasafariguide.com