Sezibwa Falls, a Place You Would Stay Forever

Sezibwa-waterfalls-ugandaAs you explore Africa especially on your Safari in Uganda, you will hardly find any tourist site that matches the beauty and the thrilling experience of standing on top on one of the rocks at the point where the waters of River Sezibwa thunderously plunge meters below to form the breathtaking Sezibwa waterfalls. While at this point, you will enjoy stunning uninterrupted views across the entire terrain. You will certainly be blown away by how the water thunderously plunges meters below splashing in every direction, before it continues flowing in a cool, calm water stream; the sight is breathtaking.   

Sight Seeing at Sezibwa Bridge

You could actually spend your entire day here simply marveling at the beauty of Mother Nature. There is a bridge which is a perfect place to views the green lawns as well as the canopied trees right below. You will also see various birds flying over the falls into the nearby trees plus some others pacing on the water banks. There are also some lizards commonly seen on the rock especially on sunny days.

A Nature Walk around the Falls

There is a simple trail leading downhill. This will take you over the wooden bridge across the calm river right before the waterfall. During this walk you will see various water birds and different tree species together with some of the medicinal herbs used by the local people living around this area. you will encounter various primate species including the numerous red-tailed monkeys. Later you could choice to have a picnic lunch on the beautiful flat surfaced rocks.  In the afternoon you may decide to play some board games as you enjoy the cool fresh blowing over this area, or sunbathe in the African sun and late watch the sunset over the faraway horizon.

The Ganda Traditional Practices around Sezibwa

This area also has a traditional shrine where some people of the Buganda kingdom converge to ‘cleanse’ and offer traditional sacrifices. If lucky on your visit you may be able to find people at the shrine and there you will see a number of them dressed in bark cloth, some worshippers singing and dancing, as well as see feathers, shells among other traditional items used in traditional worship.

Cultural Tour

There are also some local guides who will brief you about the intriguing history of Bugada Kingdom as well as their unique cultural practices and also narrate to you the interesting legend of how this river was formed.  You will have a tour around this cultural site including a visit to the oldest tree (nkalati species) allegedly planted by former Buganda king – Kabaka Mwanga. You w some other trees that were planted a century later by the great grandson of Kabaka Mwanga and now the current king – Kabaka Ronald Mutebi during his inauguration.

For more information about tours to the Sezibwa Falls, please visit ugandasafariguide.com