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Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Viewing

Chimpanzee Safari

In the morning right after breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel to transfer to Entebbe at the landing site to get a boat to the island the chimpanzee sanctuary. Managed by Jan good all institute the island  has been a home to some of the disadvantage chimps that that are brought from the wild to be taken care of especially infants which are found parent-less. You will reach in an hours time to be briefed about the sanctuary and then you go view the chimps.

Later in the afternoon you will transfer to back to the main land to arrive at 1pm.  The island has accommodation therefore if you wish to spend a night on the island then we can organize that for you too. Please note that you can also be allowed to spend some time care giving for the chimps , you can also take a nature walk with the young chimps, please note the later activities are only possible if you have immunization certificates against certain disease. For more details please contact us