Game Viewing In the Katonga Wildlife Reserve

waterbuck-katonga-wildlife-reserveBest-of- Katonga-game-Reserve, game-drives, what-to-do, what-to-see Katonga game Reserve like the name suggests is a wildlife reserve situated in the western part of Uganda along the banks of Katonga river. It is still unpopular probably because it is quite a new reserve area only established 1998 and so small covering an area of just 211 square kilo meters.  The fact that it is unknown to many tourists has kept it lagging behind in terms of tourism business compared to other game reserves and yet there is plenty to see if you visit the place on your Safari in Uganda. A visit to this reserve is a great additional activity that one can include in his itineraries that includes visiting Kibale national park as the two are very close. 

Within the Katonga wildlife reserve are a number animal species and plant species that are very unique to the kind of environment in this wetland. To have an amazing viewing in Katonga, the best option would be to have a nature walk and boat rides.

What to do in Katonga game reserve

Guided Nature Walks

By following the already made trails, a nature walk is the best way for any one visiting the Katonga to enjoy the game viewing exercise. During the game viewing exercise, you can expect to see lots and lots of animals since there are about 40 different animal species living in that reserve and the commonest include the olive baboons, warthogs, water buck, Zebras, the Uganda kobs, the elephants and many more others.

The existence of these animals is attributed to re introduction of animals into this reserve. There are so many impalas and most of the wildlife that was trans-located to Katonga wildlife reserve was got from areas around and within Lake Mburo National Park around July 2013. Today, this reserve is slowly picking up, it has close to 68 impalas and more than 15 zebras that are grazing from that large piece of land with fresh pastures and plenty of water points where they can get a drink.

More zebras, some elands and lot topis are still needed in the reserve though so that one doesn’t have to walk from long before you can find the beautiful Zebra or an African elephants, reed buck, or a river otter, the Uganda kobs, among others. This is the one place that you will find the secretive Sitatunga antelopes. There are also some different primate species like the olive baboons and colobus monkeys.

Bird watching

This is another activity that you can while in Katonga wildlife reserve. This is because it is a home to over 150 different bird species thus making it one of the best places you can go for bird watching. Bird watchers can opt for this place for their birding safaris since there is less congestion and so you will surely enjoy the sight and sound of the different birds once you spot them.

You can go the Canoes Rides

This is your chance to simply enjoy the scenery of this game reserve. It has that ever green kind of rain-forest; some parts of it are covered by the papyrus swamps well as others are covered by the savanna kind of vegetation therefore providing a home to all kinds of wildlife and birds, including those that prefer the swampy areas.  The fact that this wildlife reserve is situated at the extreme ends of the famous Katonga river valley makes canoe rides a lot easier. The canoe riders go through that very narrow channel and swamps as well. During the boat ride, you may be able to see the Sitatunga since they prefer the swampy areas, there will be some bird species and even some river otters may be seen.

Katonga game reserve is expected to grow and attract much more tourists than it does today. To be able to that the conservation bodies have come out to protect those still few wildlife species in this place against all human activities especially poaching and encroachment as they search for more land for settlement and farming. Protecting the reserve will lead to an increase in the population the wildlife living in Katonga wildlife reserve. So far this has proved to be very useful because now there are many antelope species that have been seen by the tourists who have had a nature walk in that reserve.

Expect to have fun while in the part of the country. It is also important to remember that all those activities are done on foot since the vehicles are not allowed inside. There are even no roads within.

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