Explore River Katonga for the Best Canoe Ride in Uganda

River Katonga is among the numerous rivers in Uganda. It is situated in the southwestern part of the country and covers a total length of 220 kilometers. This is among the less visited yet exciting places worth visiting on Safari in Uganda. It begins its course form Lake Victoria (the largest freshwater lake on the African continent) and first flows, first northwards into the less popular Lake Wamala. From there it continues westwards and empties into Lake George and then connects to Lake Edward through the Kazinga Channel (a natural water channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward).

Rivier Katonga’s source is found in Lukaya within Kalungu District. The River pours into Lake George in an area known as Mpanga within Kamwenge District. As it flows westwards, it flows through a number of districts forming borders with some and among these are: Kamwenge District, Kalungu District, Ibanda District, Bukomansimbi District, Kiruhura District, Mpigi District, Sembabule District, Butambala District, Mubende District, Mityana District as well as Gomba District.

Landscape Surrounding River Katonga

The Katonga reserve has vegetation that is characterized by savannah, woodland as well as acacia scrubland. The biggest section of this reserve is covered by either a seasonal or permanent wetlands. As you explore the area you will also find pockets of tropical forests as well as river line.

The Wildlife in and Around Rive Katonga

The different wetlands lining river Katonga offer a conducive habitat to a variety of wildlife; among which are more than forty different types of large mammals plus more than one hundred and fifty different types of birds thriving in this area.

Among the commonly seen animals within the wetland reserve include: colobus monkeys, elephants, reedbucks, river otters as well as waterbucks.

What to do on River Katonga

Canoe Rides

The boat rides offer a great opportunity to have a closer encounter with the different animals and birds living along the banks of the river. These are led by the locals and conducted in canoes.

Bird Watching

Thanks to the thriving swamps in this area which offer a nice habitat to more than one hundred and fifty different types of birds, a visit in this area will offer you an opportunity to see the various birds living within this area including Kingfishers, different storks such as the shoebill stork, papyrus bird species and different water birds.

Game viewing

The katonga reserve area has a variety of wildlife which you can see as you explore this part of the country. Some of the animals you are likely to see include: olive baboons, waterbucks, Uganda kobs, elephants and warthogs.

Guided Nature Walks

You may also choose to take a guided walk and explore the wonders of Mother Nature around river Katonga. During these walks you will explore the savanna, fringes of the swamps as well as the grasslands. You will be led by knowledgeable guides who will lead you along the different trails.  During which you will be able to see different wildlife including various antelopes, primates and birds.

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