Enjoying the Wonderful Buhoma Community Walk

the-Batwa-pygmies-ugandaThe Buhoma community walk is an amazing Village Walk, it offers you the chance to meet and interact with them. This village walk is intended to help you understand their cultures and beliefs, you can participate in some of their cultural activities, look through their art crafts, watch them dance or participate, you can always take part in the preparation of their traditional meals or when brewing that local beer among other activities. All this you will do on our amazing Uganda Cultural Safari. Because such a village is charged, it is the best way the tourists directly support the people living around the Bwindi and in away discourages them from destroying this wonderful forest reserve.

This walk begins from Buhoma Community Rest Camp and together with your  Uganda safari guide will go for this really rewarding walk. These are very resourceful people, very welcoming  and if it is a full day activity, then you will have enough time to engage in a number of activities for instance, you can start with visiting the  women at the craft centre who are making  handicraft pieces like hand bags, hats, mats and other stuff. There will be some weaving baskets from which they carry food from the garden and from the market. They will surely appreciate your visit and you might even get souvenir from there before you continue to another destination.

You can visit that waterfall located in the middle of that farmland and while on your way to the waterfall, you will find some of those really hard working women already in the garden digging. They use the traditional methods of digging of using the simple hoe but they often clear huge chunks of land because they are strong men and women. During the harvesting season, you will find them picking probably tea since a lot of tea is planted in that part of the country and might be the opportunity you ever get to see how tea is picked. You can always get to carry back home so your trip to Bwindi can a memorable one.

The community walk also involves visiting places like River Muyaga where most to their water is collected. When you get there, you will find people especially the women washing clothes with their own hands. While in there, you will be amazed by this really breathtaking sight filled with lots of multi-colored butterflies. From here, you can continue to the banana plantation where they you will find the local people brewing the local beers and they will be more than willing to show you how it’s done. If there is the already distilled one drink, you have the chance to test this local Waragi as it was called the Uganda soldier, this name was derived from the word War-Gin.  Uganda is blessed with over 50 different types of bananas as compared to any other country around the world.

Visiting the traditional healers is another place that you should not miss. These use herbs that they collect from the jungle to heal different illnesses and complications and they might be able to share their knowledge with you if you are interested. Always remember the fact that the traditional healers are not witch doctors but rather people who use plants and their nutrients to cure people from different illnesses.  When you meet the healer, you will be amazed by how much knowledge they have about plants and their medicinal values as well as how they use them.

Another place you can visit is the community Mukono Primary School which gets most of its funding through the contributions and fees that the visitors pay to visit the school. There you will meet those devoted teacher together with their student who still go to school despite the difficult circumstances that they live in. this will give you a clear picture of learning environment of a rural African child, they do study without say the computers not even electricity to provide the lights therefore studying is only done during day time.

Then there is the Batwa/ the Pygmies’ community. This should probably be your number one priority if you are interested in cultures. These people are the original inhabitants of the Bwindi impenetrable forest but lost all rights to this home after it became Bwindi Forest National Park therefore a reserve area. These people have a really amazing culture and they will be more than will to share it with you and also entertain you while there in their community.  Wind your safari with some entertainment from these Batwa traditional dancers. You need just about 3 hours with them and for sure you will have very memorable experience memorable and also be able to directly help to positive change the community.

For more information about the batwa pygmies living in Uganda, please visit ugandasafariguide.com