Bird Watching in Semuliki National Park, Safari Uganda

semuliki-birds-uganda-safariuganda-birding-safari, what-to-pack, Located within the western part of Uganda in Bundibugyo district within Bwanmba County, Semuliki national park is among the best places to enjoy a Bird Watching Safari in Uganda and East Africa at large. a large portion of this park  is covered by Ituri forest – the oldest forest in Africa, and this offers good habitat to the different birds living in the park.

The park covers a total land area of 220 square kilometers and lies at an altitude range between 800 meters and 900 meters. Semuliki National Park prides in a bird list of over 400 bird species that live in the different habitats including swamps and damp semi-deciduous forest, streams and the beautiful oxbow lakes

It is located along the national border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Rift Valley’s western arm. Because part of Utuli forest is found in this park; it is among Africa’s finest destinations to see different bird species.

Within Semuliki National Park there is a big number of central Africa species that can hardly be seen in other parts of East Africa including the Nkulengu Rail, Long-tailed Hawk, Black-wattled Hornbill, Congo Serpent Eagle and the Lyre-tailed Honey guide among several others. There are also six Sudan Guinea Savanna biome species within this park and among these are: the Purple Glossy-starling, Piapiac as well as the Red throated Bee-eater. There are also 16 Guinea Congo Forest biome species that can be seen here plus four of the Lake Victoria Basin-biome species.

Other interesting bird species you will see during your Uganda Birding Safari in Semuliki National Park include:  the Little Grey Greenbul, Toro Olive Greenbul, White-headed Barbet, Blue Swallow, Black-billed Barbet, White-throated Blue Swallow, Double-toothed Barbet, Swamp Palm Bulbul, Yellow-billed Barbet, Spotted Greenbul, Western Nicator, Hairy-breasted Barbet, Blue-headed Coucal, White-starred Robin, Gabon Woodpecker, Lowland Akalat, Shinning-blue Kingfisher, Yellow-throated Nicator, Red-throated Alethe, White-bellied Kingfisher, Mountain Greenbul, Fire-crested Alethe, Cassin’ Spinetail, Snowy-headed Robin-Chat, Sabine’s Spinetail, Blue-shouldered Robin-Chat, Bates’s Nightjar, Red-eyed Puffback, Swamp Nightjar, White-tailed Robin-Chat, Afep Pigeon, Northern Bearded Scrub-Robin, Grant’s Bluebill, Capped Wheatear, Chestnut-flanked Goshawk, Common Stonechat, Abyssinian Ground-Thrush, Red-thighed Sparrowhawk, Oberlaender’s Ground-Thrush, Long-tailed Hawk, Grey Ground-Thrush, Eurasian Oystercatcher, Black Saw-wing, Petit’s Cuckoo-shrike and the Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike.

The remoteness of this park has enabled it to remain a very pristine wildlife destination. We advice our clients to always travel any time of the year other than the wet rainy months when the forest trails are very slippery and muddy.


Pack list for your Bird Watching Safari in Semuliki National Park

A set of Binoculars


A note book

Birding clothes: remember to wear earth toned clothes since birding requires walking through the muddy or dusty trails (depending on the time of the year you travel), and preferably winter gloves to keep your fingers warm.

Comfortable walking shoes

Bottled drinking water


We look forward to organizing a birding safari for you in Semuliki National Park.

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