Best Hiking Tips and Guidelines for a Uganda-Hiking Safari

hiking-safaris-ugandaFind the Best Hiking and Climbing Safari Tips plus Advice with AA Safari & Tours Ltd which will make your Uganda hiking Safari experience very memorable. Visit the jungles of Kibale Forest, climb Mount Mgahinga home of the mountain Gorillas enjoy a hike on the beautiful Mountain Elgon located in Eastern Uganda, explore the lower slopes of Mt. Rwenzori (mountain of the Moon) among several other exciting places on your Safari her in Uganda

When going for a nature walk or hike in Uganda, it will not only involve you physical fitness but your common sense as well in order to survive in the wild. All these walks are guided by experienced guides however you will have to take good precaution out there.

Apply you common sense right from the point when you’re choosing, where to take the hike, the clothes to wear, as you walk in the forest until the hike ends. Always pay close attention to the guide and try to adhere to the rules and guidelines that he will give you.

How to behave on a Uganda Hiking Safari

Always listen to your Ranger-Guides especially during the first orientation prior to beginning the hike. When the Nature Walk or hike begins, it recommended that you move in an orderly quiet manner.  Be mindful of your surroundings to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything, and while doing so, observe signals from your ranger-guide and keep alert for any specifics he points out to you.

Maintain the distance specified by the ranger-guide from wildlife and don’t try to get closer to wild animals without informing your ranger-guide who must first grant you permission to do so. This rule is mainly for your safety.

In case you are taking photos please pay attention to any communication that the ranger-guide may pass on, do not get so busy with the photography. Always remember that flash photography is not allowed while trekking Gorillas and chimpanzees, so keep your flashlight off.

How to deal with wild animals  during your hike

As you take a hike or nature walk in the African wilderness, it’s no surprise that you may encounter a number of wild animals with unpredictable behavior. Once you come across animals, your ranger guide will try to slow you down especially if you encounter a mother and it’s young. Always remember that these are wild animals and they are capable of doing anything to protect their own.

Snakes: It is a very rare occurrence to encounter a snake during a Uganda hiking safari. Majority of our visitors on a Uganda safari have never encountered any snakes may a few who have seen a python idly resting out in the open during game drives.

In most cases Snakes move away once they sense any people approaching were they are, so by the time you get to that spot they are long gone. So what you should know is that Nature Walks, hiking and Primate Treks are activities on which you will hardly come across a snake, especially the hostile ones with an intention of attacking.

So what to do? When you come across a snake at close range, the best thing to do is stop, stay calm and slowly move back if possible. Never shout or go running about.

Never Walk By Yourself Always ask for an Escort

Lodges and Tented Camps are usually located within or immediately outside the National Parks and different wildlife is normally roaming freely.

The Lodges together with the Tented Camps are very safe and no case of harming a client has been reported so far. Nevertheless, always remember that you are not familiar with the area around the lodge and the campsite so always ask for an escort.

Never at any time wander off alone past the camp boundary because you may come across some wild animals like hippos, elephants and even predators, let alone loss your way out in the wilderness.

Who can take a Uganda Hiking Safari

For majority of the one day hiking safaris, it requires one to be moderately physically fit. You don’t need any prior vigorous preparation for gorilla treks and chimpanzee tracking.

The longest one day hike may take a maximum of ten hours. So all the same, this does not call for any worry at all.

Do i need Porters for a Hiking Safari in Uganda?

Yes, The services of a porter will free you from the burden of having to hike when carrying items like backpacks which in the long run could tire you.

When you hire a porter, you are doing a great service to the local people because it is through the money they make by offering this service that they are able to look after their families.

Help a family and hire a porter.

 What to wear for a Uganda Hiking Safari:

Nature walks and Hiking preferably require thathiking-boots-safari-uganda you wear the right appropriate clothes so as to protect you as well as offer you utmost comfort during your adventure. don’t forget to use insect repellents which will keep away insects such as  Mosquitoes.

Don’t forget to use a walking stick since the terrain may be steep, muddy and dropping in some areas.  We also recommend a good pair of hiking books which will enable you to traverse the slippery ground

A jacket or rain coat is a good item to wear since it may rain any time. This you can fold and carry in your backpack together with some snacks and drinking water.

For more information about Nature walks and Hiking Safaris in Uganda, please visit ugandasafariguide.com