Uganda gets a Baby Rhino Boy as New Year’s Gift

News from the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary found in Uganda reveals that as everyone was busy enjoy the Christmas holiday, a baby rhino was born and this was the fourth birth registered in 2016. Malaika the mother rhino gave birth to a healthy rhino boy on 27th December. To the tourism industry this has been a great new year’s gift.
Currently this rhino sanctuary has a total of nineteen rhinos; another confirmation that the initially intended breeding programme at this sanctuary is positively working registering the fastest reproduction rate documented among other rhino-conservancies on the continent.
At the start of this conservation program, four adults were introduced to this sanctuary and these included two (2) males and two (2) females which were transferred there from Solio Rhino Sanctuary found in Kenya. Not long after that, Disney’s Animal Kingdom increased this number when they donated another male and female.
From that time, the rhino number has steadily increased and in fact first of the 2nd generation are almost mature, hence an affirmation that the number is going to continue to rise.
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