Akagera National Park to Re-introduce Rhinos – Safari Rwanda

Akagera National Park the only savannah wildlife park in Rwanda made headlines about two years ago when lions were returned into this park after a lion was relocated from South Africa. at that time, seven (7) lions were brought in and ever since then, the reports reveal that these numbers have steadily been rising and today there are approximately fifteen (15) lions in the park

Although this arrangement was first opposed by conservationists within Kenya who obviously had their personal plans geared towards seeing that Rwanda does not receive these animals from Kenya, the animals are thriving well and thanks to the secure perimeter fence that was installed, these animals have remained within the park boundaries not causing any harm to the livestock and people living around the park.

Akagera Park is managed by African Parks together with the tourism & Conservation department under the Rwanda Development Board tourism and conservation department, who are currently processing the re-introduction of these Eastern-Black rhinos and intelligently decided to obtain these rhinos from South Africa so as to avoid any comparable experience as it was with the case of lions.

According to the info we are receiving from Rwanda, it is likely that twenty (20) rhinos are coming in from one of the private game reserves found in South Africa while the holding bomas within Akagera for these animals have fully been completed and now set to receive their ‘guests‘. With a primary aim of restoring the Big Five animals back in Rwanda, the park management has declared that these animals will be relocated by the month of April or in May to restore these animals which became extinct about 30 years after they had been heavily poached.

The re-introduction of Rhinos in Akagera is going to increase the park’s popularity not only locally but internationally. Thanks to the other improved infrastructures including roads and accommodation which today have turned Rwanda into one of the most loved and Best Safari Destinations in Africa.

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