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Uganda Ranked Top Safari Destination by National Geographic’s

Uganda-Best-Destination According to News coming from Washington DC, Uganda has been voted by the National Geographic as the number one destination, which has further promoted this country as the most preferred African Safari Destination. This great ranking has infact positioned Uganda in the fourth place for Adventure Travel Internationally. The Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife …

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Akagera National Park to Re-introduce Rhinos – Safari Rwanda

Akagera National Park the only savannah wildlife park in Rwanda made headlines about two years ago when lions were returned into this park after a lion was relocated from South Africa. at that time, seven (7) lions were brought in and ever since then, the reports reveal that these numbers have steadily been rising and …

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Uganda gets a Baby Rhino Boy as New Year’s Gift

News from the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary found in Uganda reveals that as everyone was busy enjoy the Christmas holiday, a baby rhino was born and this was the fourth birth registered in 2016. Malaika the mother rhino gave birth to a healthy rhino boy on 27th December. To the tourism industry this has been a …

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Ugandan Chief Criticized for threatening to Kill Elephants

The supreme Chief of Acholi – Rwot David Onen Acana II has been subjected to severe criticism having threatened to kill any elephants that stray from the national parks as they look for pastures and instead destroy the corps of the local people. The Acholi chief was recently quoted in the local media to have …

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Where to See Hippos on your Uganda Safari

Hippopotami are the world’s third largest mammals living on land coming after elephants and rhinoceros. The weigh between 1,500kg and 1,800kg and an adult can stand to a height of 1.5 meters at shoulder. The closest living relative to the hippos is the whale as well as dolphins. Unique about these large animals is that …

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The Sebei People – Culture and Practices, Safari Uganda

The Sebei people live on the slopes of mountain Elgon found in eastern Uganda. They mainly occupy the north and northwestern part of the mountain and a couple of them can be seen on the lower plains. These people belong to the Nilohamites ethnic group and they speak the Nandi language. They live in the …

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Bird Watching in Semuliki National Park, Safari Uganda


uganda-birding-safari, what-to-pack, Located within the western part of Uganda in Bundibugyo district within Bwanmba County, Semuliki national park is among the best places to enjoy a Bird Watching Safari in Uganda and East Africa at large. a large portion of this park  is covered by Ituri forest – the oldest forest in Africa, and this …

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Uganda Hotel Owners Association Elects a new Board



Birding within Bwindi, Uganda Bird Watching


Uganda Birding Safari, Bird-watching Tours, Bwindi-Safari- Though Bwindi forest is popularly known for sheltering half the number of mountain gorillas in the world, this park is as well a great bird watching destination. Bwindi Park covers a land area of 321sq km and is situated in southwestern Uganda close to the D.R.Congo border. Among the …

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The Marabou stork – the undertaker bird, Safari Uganda


Marabou storks are really large birds that belong to the ciconildae stork family. Marabou storks are found in Africa, in the south of the Sahara and they can live in both in the wet as well as the arid places and they like settling near human settlements.these can be seen during your Safari in Uganda …

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Explore River Katonga for the Best Canoe Ride in Uganda


River Katonga is among the numerous rivers in Uganda. It is situated in the southwestern part of the country and covers a total length of 220 kilometers. This is among the less visited yet exciting places worth visiting on Safari in Uganda. It begins its course form Lake Victoria (the largest freshwater lake on the …

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The Sitatunga- Africa’s only real Amphibious Antelope


The Sitatunga is one of the many different species of antelopes and it is also called a marsh duck probably because it is a swamp dweller. They are aquatic animals and very good swimmers which is probably why they feel comfortable staying in the swampy areas. Sitatunga are found in the several parts of Africa …

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Lake Mburo Community Receives Funds As Uganda Celebrates World Tourism Day


On 27 September, 2016, Uganda celebrated World Tourism Day and the Uganda Wildlife Authority -UWA expended about US$52,000 (which is approximately 175 million Uganda shillings) to the communities neighboring Lake Mburo National Park as a 2014-2015 revenue-sharing fund. These celebrations held in Mabara town at Kakyeka Stadium were presided over by the Prime Minister of …

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Game Viewing In the Katonga Wildlife Reserve


Best-of- Katonga-game-Reserve, game-drives, what-to-do, what-to-see Katonga game Reserve like the name suggests is a wildlife reserve situated in the western part of Uganda along the banks of Katonga river. It is still unpopular probably because it is quite a new reserve area only established 1998 and so small covering an area of just 211 square …

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The Uganda Kobs, Uganda-Wildlife Safari


The Uganda kob scientifically known as (Kobus kob) is among the different types of antelope living in sub-Saharan Africa, and these can be seen during game drives on your Safari in Uganda in different national parks including Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park as well as Murchison Falls National Park.

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Taking the Buhoma Village Walk, Uganda-Cultural-Safari


Buhoma-village-walk Uganda-cultural-safari in Bwindi-National-Park home of the Mountain-gorillas The Buhoma Village Walk is a 3 hours amazing walk that will offer you an opportunity to see the local people leaving around the park boundaries of Bwindi Impenetrable national park home of the mountain Gorillas. During this amazing tour you will be able to learn about …

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Best of Murchison_Falls Park, What_to_do on your Safari in Uganda


Murchison Falls Park which is the largest game park in the country covering 3840 sq km, located in northern Uganda with the Mighty River Nile gently flowing through it, is among the best places to visit during your Safari in Uganda. It offers a number of tourist attractions and activities that you can engage in …

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Best Hiking Tips and Guidelines for a Uganda-Hiking Safari


Find the Best Hiking and Climbing Safari Tips plus Advice with AA Safari & Tours Ltd which will make your Uganda hiking Safari experience very memorable. Visit the jungles of Kibale Forest, climb Mount Mgahinga home of the mountain Gorillas enjoy a hike on the beautiful Mountain Elgon located in Eastern Uganda, explore the lower …

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A Day with the Ik People of Uganda, an endangered African Tribe


The Ik tribe comprises of very few members and it is ranked as one of the endangered tribes on the African continent. A visit to these amazing and unique people is not an everyday occurrence considering the remoteness of where they stay up in the isolated morungole mountains. These people who live up in the …

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Meet the Different Chameleon Species, Safari Uganda


Chameleons fall in the class of reptiles and it is specie of the lizard and it belongs to the iguana suborder. Chameleons are very colorful lizards because they have the ability to change from one color to another like green, brown, blue, red, pink, multi colors or any other color.  Chameleons do Camouflage mainly to …

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Visit the Bat Caves in Uganda, Home to Hundreds of Pythons


Bats are mammals and they are the only mammals on earth that can fly because their front limbs form webbed wings while the hind limbs are legs. They are capable of sustaining flight for a reasonable distance. Bats aren’t exactly like birds because they don’t flap their entire fore limb but only that long spread …

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What to do in Mt. Elgon National Park, Safari Uganda

Mt. Elgon national park gets its name from the fact that Mt Elgon is located within that gazette piece of land. Mt. Elgon is volcanic in nature and its known for having the largest volcanic base compared any other in the whole world. It is the oldest and also biggest isolated volcanic mountain in East …

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Enjoying the Wonderful Buhoma Community Walk

The Buhoma community walk is an amazing Village Walk, it offers you the chance to meet and interact with them. This village walk is intended to help you understand their cultures and beliefs, you can participate in some of their cultural activities, look through their art crafts, watch them dance or participate, you can always …

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Why a Uganda Safari should be on your Bucket list

Currently, most people wait and only travel and enjoy tourism after they have retired although the advantages of traveling are very important to postpone. Besides teaching us the values of life, traveling also helps us learn and observe of wonders of Mother Nature including those you will visit on your Uganda Safari. In addition, traveling …

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Uganda to Celebrate World Tourism Day 2016 this September

Come 27th September, Uganda will be celebrating the World Tourism Day. This year’s celebrations are aimed at increasing individual awareness of the great role of the tourism industry across the entire international community as well as how it has affected the economic, cultural as well as social situations across the globe.

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A Morning on the shores of Chahafi Crater Lake, Safari Uganda

Located in southwestern Uganda about 460 kilometers’ from Uganda’s capital Kampala is Kisoro town. This beautiful hilly and scenic town has numerous crater lakes; however, Chahafi Crater Lake fame is shadowed by the renowned lake Mutanda and Lake Bunyonyi. However, this beautiful crater lake is worth visiting on your Uganda safari because of its remarkable …

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Sezibwa Falls, a Place You Would Stay Forever

As you explore Africa especially on your Safari in Uganda, you will hardly find any tourist site that matches the beauty and the thrilling experience of standing on top on one of the rocks at the point where the waters of River Sezibwa thunderously plunge meters below to form the breathtaking Sezibwa waterfalls. While at …

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Explore Kisite Marine Park on your Kenya Safari


Kisite Marine Park was set up to safeguard the beautiful islands as well as the special habitats of a large number of endemic marine wildlife along with migratory birds that breed here. It sits south of the beautiful Wasini Island in the coral gardens and entails 3 tiny coral forest islands, each having extensive reef …

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Kenya Proposes to Remove VAT on Tourist Park Entrance Charges


The tourism sector of Kenya received good news during the recent reading of the 2016/2017 National Budget, when hon. Henry Rotich the Cabinet Secretary for Finance proposed the scrapping off of VAT (Value Added Tax) on all entrance fees charged on entering the country’s national parks. About 3 years ago, the republic of Kenya has …

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What you do not Know about Buganda Kingdom and Uganda

The Land of the Matooke Eaters- The Buganda Kingdom and the The Baganda Located in the in the south central region of Uganda is Buganda kingdom. This is right in the heart of Africa, near the source of the Nile and it lies on the equator. The people of this great and largest kingdom are …

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Car Hire & Safari Vehicle

Uganda Car & Safari Vehicle Hire We offer vehicle hire services . Our fleet of vehicles ranges from Saloon cars, Rav 4, Lancruisers mini buses and coaters. We have experienced drivers, exclusive safari vehicles. our experienced  tour guides  are ever available to escort you on your journey through Uganda.

Rwenzori Mountain Tour Uganda

Rwenzori Mountain Tour Rwenzori Tour Uganda Vacation, Climbing Uganda, Mountaineering Tours RWENZORI MOUNTAINEERING 10 DAYS Day 1:  Kasese via Queen Elizabeth Start off for kasese, via queen Elizabeth National park in the morning after breakfast. On your way; you […]

Chimpanzee Safaris

Chimpanzee & Cultural Tour Day One:  Kampala -Fort portal. This morning you will be picked from your hotel in Kampala and drive west to fort portal. The drive takes 5 hours to reach fort portal in the early afternoon hours. Read More

Gorilla Tours

A gorilla safari is such a thrilling experience of its own that you cant afford to miss. Touring to Bwindi national park and Mgahinga will enable you see the mountain gorillas. The thick forests of Bwindi will also give you a chance to see variety of wildlife and especially the forest birds of Uganda.