Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

queen elizabeth national park

The park, in the western arm of the Great East African Rift Valley Queen Elizabeth NP is a habitat of   Kob, topics, other antelope species, elephant, Hyena mongoose to mention but afew. Over 500 species of birds have been recorded, making the park a magnet for bird watchers. The bird species include the black bee-eater, 11 types of king fisher, and several species of falcons, eagles and other raptors.ln the crater lakes to the north, flocks of flamingoes can be found. A favorite way to view the game is by launch trip on the Kazinga Channel between Lakes George and Edward.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari Uganda

It covers 1,978 sq. km and includes a noteworthy diversity of eco-systems, from semi-deciduous tropical forest to Green meadows, savannah and swamps. Here we take you for Game viewing as Queen Elizabeth national park is most popular for the small tree climbing Lions in the Ishasha Sector. We also organize Uganda safari guided walks in the Maramagambo forest which expose you to many avian species, mammals, and butterflies, to mention but a few.  Still with us the Launch trip along the mighty Nile is a must do given the fact that the banks of the Kazinga Channel that joins  L. Edward to L. George is always crowded with hippos, crocodile, and many bird species. Site seeing in Queen Elizabeth Np becomes interesting especially when you Visit the Katwe salt lakes (where salt is traditionally mined in Uganda) together with the crater lakes regions where you can see flamingos