Explore Kisite Marine Park on your Kenya Safari

Kisite-Marine-Park-KenyaKisite Marine Park was set up to safeguard the beautiful islands as well as the special habitats of a large number of endemic marine wildlife along with migratory birds that breed here. It sits south of the beautiful Wasini Island in the coral gardens and entails 3 tiny coral forest islands, each having extensive reef areas. Kisite is among the most enjoyable snorkeling places along the African coast. People on Safari in Kenya can also enjoy sunbathing, bird watching as well as diving.

Attractions in Kisite Marine National Park Kenya

Enjoy the Kenyan Barrier Reef

This pristine and nicely developed coral-barrier reef stretches from Shimoni in Southern kenya to Malindi towards the North, without any big sizeable break, besides at the river mouths. The coral reefs shelter almost one million different species of marine wildlife.

 Enjoy the Charming Underwater realm

A captivating world of living beautiful colored coral gardens shaped islands, sea-birds plus sparkling clear waters, is what you will enjoy. The reef offers food plus shelter for a large marine life. The beautiful colors of clams, small fish and octopus hide in the gaps within the coral. Small crabs, celestial-blue parrotfish, snappers, turtles, butterfly fish, one meter long sharks, starfish, rubber fish, scorpion fish, Sergeant major fish and angel fish among others all shimmer in the clear waters. The Kisite Mpunguti Marine features over 250 reef fish species, approximately 56 types of hard corals, several sponges and two common types of sea grass.

 Turtle Territory

The Park is renowned for its large number of resident turtles, and among the commonly seen are the Green plus Hawksbill turltes.

 View Dolphins and Whales

The reefs are shelter to more than 200 dolphins that may be seen as single dolphin or in pods of up to 25 dolphins all breaking the water waves. In case you are lucky enough to visit from the month of July to December, you will have an opportunity to see Humpback whales.

See the numerous Seabirds

Kisite Island is among the world’s listed Important Bird Area (IBA) which are internationally important habitats for conserving bird. Kisite is a level, treeless rugged outcrop having several areas of grass and all surrounded by a beautiful sandy beach. This offers a perfect sea habitat for birds as well as breeding colonies of sooty terns plus roseates that arrive in July

A Paradise for Divers and Snorkelers

The warm shallow and clear water, captivating coral and remarkable range of marine life,offer an exceptionally good dive sites for novices and experts. The warm waters, breathtaking soft corals as well as kaleidoscopic marine-life make this one of the very best snorkeling places in the East African region.

In addition you can also Visit the Shimoni Slave Caves

How to get there

Located in Kwale District in the Coast Province, this Marine Park is 11 km off the coastline of Kenya at Shimoni and about 8 km north of the border with Tanzania.

It is 574km from the capital Nairobi, and 90 km from Mombasa.

This Park can only be accessed by boat.

Important to note: Please do not standing on or even damage the live coral.

Accommodation in Kisite Marine National Park Kenya

Mpunguti Campsite, KWS Self Catering, Chlobus Campsite and Shimoni Cottages

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