Gorillas in The Mist

gorilla safaris uganda

Gorilla  tracking  is such a thrilling experience of its own that you can not afford to miss- its is bucket list worthy. In Uganda Gorillas can be found in  Bwindi national park and Mgahinga which are this forested areas that not only protect these endangered giant apes, but also protects other animals both macro and micro including birds.

One requires a permit that allows him or her to enter these national parks to see Gorillas. The permit costs USD 600 per person per time. Discounted gorilla tracking permits are available during the months April, May and November and in these months you get to save USD 250 as each permit cost USD 350 for the Non Resident Foreigners.

One requires a minimum of 3 days to track Gorillas in Uganda and the first and last day are for transfers from and to the Capital city Kampala and the second day in the actual gorilla tracking day.  These Giant apes like the chimpanzees are more like humans and it has been recorded that there are only 600 species left available world wide of which  more than half of the remaining Gorillas  live in Uganda. This statistically gives you a high chance of seeing the Gorillas in their Natural habitat.

Gorillas like Humans lives in Groups which are more like families and they are headed by a Male Silver back . Gorillas move around the forest feeding on different kinds of food a they are mostly herbivores and they make new Nests to sleep in everyday/ Every evening . Members of the family range from 5 to over 30 .

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