Uganda Safari Guide

Uganda also referred to as a Pearl of Africa by Sir Churchill is truly the Pearl of this great African Continent. The country has it all – from the Tangled Jungle, grasslands, savannah, deep forests and the rapids, lakes, mountains and the breath taking beauty. Are you planning your first safari to Africa and wondering which country to start with?, Uganda is the perfect country, because a safari in Uganda is like traversing “Africa in Miniature”.

This land locked country – Uganda is God’s master piece next to Man!, with features to include the Lake Victoria ( The Largest Tropical Lake in the world), the River Nile( The Longest in the world) , the Gorillas in The Bwindi – Impenetrable Forest, The Magnificent Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, The Western Rift Valley to mention but a few. In Just a few days, you can be able to see all of these world’s greatest Features to include Gorillas, the rare shoe-bill stock ad also the rare people like the Pygmies and Karamajongs.

Uganda is not just about these unique features and sites, however it is home to a number of wildlife you can find in East Africa, not forgetting the Antelopes and plenty of birds as one can be able to spot over 1,000 species. Uganda is best described by its warm temperatures during the day and cool temperatures during the nights due to its strategic location on the equator. She is also best described by its Nice and smiling people and also the abundant tropical fruits, the sweetest you can ever find on the African continent! A safari in Uganda can never cease to amaze and impress someone and one you visit Uganda, you will always long to come back at least once again in a life time.

Uganda is definitely worth visiting and also exploring.

AA Safaris and Tours Ltd  through the seeks out to guide you on your exploratory journey to Uganda the Pearl of Africa and if you need help organizing your trip with experience of over 5 years our tours consultants will guide you on the perfect trip depending on your areas of interest and also the time you have for the safari.

You will then be taken to the wilderness by our experienced guides, who will tell you more and also show you more about this great country Uganda. All our guides have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in guiding safaris to Uganda.

Whether you are in Uganda for pleasure or just business let take you around the pearl of Africa. Begin your African adventure Safari with us. Office location : RM F4, Sarah Mall, Martin Road Old Kampala Kampala, Uganda




Birding within Bwindi, Uganda Bird Watching

Uganda Birding Safari, Bird-watching Tours, Bwindi-Safari- Though Bwindi forest is popularly known for sheltering half the number of mountain gorillas in the world, this park is as well a great bird watching destination. Bwindi Park covers a land area of 321sq km and is situated in southwestern Uganda close to the D.R.Congo border. Among the …

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The Marabou stork – the undertaker bird, Safari Uganda

Marabou storks are really large birds that belong to the ciconildae stork family. Marabou storks are found in Africa, in the south of the Sahara and they can live in both in the wet as well as the arid places and they like settling near human settlements.these can be seen during your Safari in Uganda …

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Explore River Katonga for the Best Canoe Ride in Uganda

River Katonga is among the numerous rivers in Uganda. It is situated in the southwestern part of the country and covers a total length of 220 kilometers. This is among the less visited yet exciting places worth visiting on Safari in Uganda. It begins its course form Lake Victoria (the largest freshwater lake on the …

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The Sitatunga- Africa’s only real Amphibious Antelope

The Sitatunga is one of the many different species of antelopes and it is also called a marsh duck probably because it is a swamp dweller. They are aquatic animals and very good swimmers which is probably why they feel comfortable staying in the swampy areas. Sitatunga are found in the several parts of Africa …

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